Willkommen zu Teil 5 der Reihe „Interviews mit digitalen Nomaden“. Es wurde wieder Zeit, einen digitalen Nomaden auszuquetschen und mit meinen Fragen zu löchern. Es ist immer wieder interessant zu sehen, wo sich die Ansätze der Nomaden unterscheiden und wo sie doch meist sehr ähnlich sind. Heute ist Brooke Ferguson meine Interviewpartnerin. Brooke schreibt auf ihrem Blog „Business Backpacker“ über verschiedene Themen rund ums Reisen, unter anderem auch über das Thema „ortsunabhängig Arbeiten“. Ich übergebe an Brooke:

Please tell the readers a little bit about yourself.

Ever since I can remember, I wanted to explore. It started when I was old enough to climb trees, and then once I had a bike, the world was mine. For whatever reason, I needed to know what was around the next corner, the next street, and wondered about the next town. That sense of adventure only increased as I got older, and when I flew in an airplane for the first time, my life changed. I realized that all you had to do to go somewhere new was to buy a ticket.

I bought my first plane ticket at age 12. Honestly, I thought nothing of it. My best friend moved to Canada, and I wanted to visit her, so I bought a ticket. The next one was to New York City to visit my sister, and then to Cancun, Mexico. My money that I earned (I worked from a very young age) was more or less all going to travel.

In college, I was on the rowing team and leading adventure trips. Anything that allowed for further exlporation. I loved visiting other towns and cities, seeing how people lived, and learning more about different cultures. I finished my first degree by teaching Outdoor Education in Australia, my first real opportunity to live abroad.

To say that travel is a hobby is an understatement. For me, it is more a way of life, a way of exploring, and a way to learn more about yourself han you ever could by staying at home and in your comfort zones. Travel forces you to define who you are at your very core, and to push past every limit that you thought you had. It’s an endurance test, and sometimes it’s brutal… but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

What is your blog „business backpacker“ about?

I started BusinessBackpacker.com four and a half years ago when I decided that I wanted to enjoy a „Travel Lifestyle“. The idea of working online / abroad really appealed to me, especially since the economy had really begun to decline in the States. I moved my consulting practice online, and began to blog about my opinions, epiphanies and things I was learning as an online entrepreneur.

Do you mostly wrtite about travel experiences or is it more general tipps about location independence?

Writing for me is very personal. I understand about SEO and what drives traffic, and I utilize that, but I have mostly written about meaningful experiences, or inspiring others to dedicate themselves to their dreams. All my life, people around me thought my dreams could not become reality — and all my life, I’ve gotten everything I set my mind to.

We all have frustrations and low points; but, I have found that these help you to better determine what you want, set a clear plan, and endure the challenges until you reach your goal. I write a lot about this topic, because it is what I coach all of my clients through on their road to success, too. Continually increasing your endurance, pushing past the difficult parts, and telling yourself you can do it — all of these will help you get to your goal.

Ultimately, the biggest thing you have to get past in order to get what you want in life is yourself. Once you have learned this — life becomes much easier.

Lebe nach deinen eigenen Regeln!

Tim Chimoy
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Tim Chimoy

Tim beschäftigt sich seit 2012 mit den Themen ortsunabhängiges Arbeiten und digitales Unternehmertum. Er verdient sein Geld als Architekt, Buchautor und Berater für Neues Arbeiten und digitale Transformation. Zudem ist er Gründer des Citizen Circle. Auch wenn Tim viel und gern unterwegs ist: Sein Zuhause ist zur Zeit die Stadt Chiang Mai im Norden Thailands.